Cigrette Smoking and Coronavirus

    Cigrette Smoking and Coronavirus

    We all know cigarette smoking is injurious to health but most of us neglect this thing and smoke cigarettes. However it doesn’t affect your health only, your dear ones are also affected by the smoke of cigarettes.

    Quit cigarette smoking

    If we talk about the smoking of cigarettes in kashmir, it is alarming. Kashmiris are smoking cigarettes like they are eating fruits. It is a common saying in kashmir that kashmiris can leave food (batti) but cannot leave cigarettes.

    Jammu and Kashmir consumes cigarettes worth 500-600 crores a month.

    Cigrette Smoking and Coronavirus

    Cigarette smoking

    Jammu and Kashmir have a population count of around 1-1.5 crores . However Other states which has 10-12 crores of population smoke cigarettes/bidis of around 400-500 crores. Population difference is high but the amount paid for cigarettes doesn’t have so much of difference.Click to Know the latest train timings of Kashmir

    Why do you smoke cigarettes?

    When I ask my friends, why do you smoke? Most of them says a common thing and that is it’s addiction and others say I have problems in my life. However most of them don’t know cigarette smoking looseness weight and most of them are unhealthy/unfit.

    Most of us know smoking cigarettes has negative effects on lungs but still our brothers don’t say no to cigarettes.

    Cigarette smoking effects

    Did you ever think how much problems a physically disabled face, but what does he do? Smoking is not a solution, we should understand it and then we can leave this bad habit. How can we become immune to the coronavirus or CovID 19? If we are not fit and healthy.

    To destroy a community, there are two things which has to be implemented and those are divide and rule, second thing is to indulge the youth of the community with wrong things/ drugs,liquor etc.

    I request everyone to think about these factors and let me highlight some factors in points.

    • Let us say You smoke cigarettes worth Rs 50 a day.

    It Sums around 1500 Rs a month, Which you could use for your family members.

    • You also pollute environment and this affect your loved ones.

    • Your own health is also affected by smoking cigarettes.

    ==> For drug addictors, your enemy doesn’t have to do anything with you as you are already over/destroyed internally. Don’t take me wrong, instead think about this and don’t let the Coronavirus defeat you. Do you want to be the reason of killings of your own brothers, by getting affected by Coronavirus and then spread it to others.

    Let’s share this article to spread awareness about all this and make our kashmir valley a cigarette free valley.


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