INDvsAFG And WIvsNZ, WC Match No. 28 and 29: Analysis and Report

And WIvsNZ
And both these games are very important in the context of the WC semi-final berths.

In fact, every game from here onwards is very important.

Well, cricket is a funny game and the game of glorious uncertainties.
So predicting games is never easy and can leave you red-faced sometimes and the prime example is yesterday’s game.

But i would still go ahead with my prediction here.
I believe AFG would really struggle against a strong Indian side. They have to play out of their skins to beat IND.
So AFG can only hope for a miracle here.
It is going to be an 80:20 affair.
80 in favor of IND and 20 in favour of AFG.
So IND would prevail over AFG today. 
For IND Top 3 key in the batting department 
And double B and kulcha in the bowling department.


WI played some exceptional cricket in the first half of the tournament. They bowled well, especially those short pitch stuff. But as the tournament progressed their old shades came to fore and started haunting them. 
They have exceptional batters from top to bottom in their ranks but often throw away their wickets. Batsmen need to step up to the task now. 
The bad knee of Russell has been another spoke in the wheel. He is so vital to them in all the three departments of the game. He has been ruled out of this game and that is a huge setback for WI.

Holder has to be careful and use him intelligently without putting an extra burden on him in coming games. Use him in short spells as and when required. 

The bowling department is also well equipped but they just need to move on from that short stuff mania now. Just that it worked out well in a couple of games doesn’t mean it would work always. They need to adjust their line and length according to the conditions, pitch and opposition. 
So, yeah mix it up well, pace bounce along with those slower deliveries, those cutters and cross seamers. 

While coming to NZ, they have won all the games thus far and it doesn’t matter how lucky they were to get those relatively easier oppositions in the first half of the tournament. I believe you still have to be at your absolute best to win games.

They have found ways to do that till now. But from here onwards they are to face some heavyweights. It remains to be seen how they would respond to the testing conditions but i believe they have pretty balanced side and are capable enough to beat any side on a given day. The bowling department is well equipped with the likes of Bolt, Henry, Ferguson, santner, Neesham and Grandhomme. 

While the batting department is also well balanced however the top-order needs to shoulder some responsibility and give them a good solid start. The middle-order is in safe hands in the form of Williamson the anchor and Taylor the stroke maker. The lower middle order is also pretty good, in the form of Latham, Neesham and Grandhomme.

Coming toward the business end now. 
Who would prevail? 
Well it is going to be a 60:40 affair 
60 in favour of NZ and 40 in favour of WI. 
NZ would prevail over WI today. 
Williamson, Taylor and Guptil key players in the batting department.
Hanry, bolt and Ferguson in the bowling department. 
WC Match No. 28 and 29!

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