Lockdown Extended Till May 17 in India With Some Relaxations

Lockdown Extended Till May 17 in India

India: Lockdown Extended Till May 17. In a recent statement Home Ministry has said that the lockdown has been extended for two weeks from May 04. However, special trains for migrant workers will continue to move. These trains were started to drop the stranded migrant workers and students home. Special trains for migrant workers and students were started yesterday.

This is not the first time that the lockdown has been extended, earlier lockdown was extended for around three weeks as well. Besides that most of the countries in the world are extended lockdown. Michigan has also extended lockdown.

There will be strict restrictions from 7pm to 7am for non essential vehicles movement. However, relaxations for essential services are added. But not for the red zones, red zones will have the restrictions in place the way they had earlier. Coming to Delhi, Delhi as a whole is declared red zone by the authorities, So nothing will change there as well.

A few things which will not be allowed in all zones:

  • Gyms
  • Any kind of Gatherings.
  • Rail Travel.
  • Air Travel.
  • Inter State Movement (Without Prior Authorization).
  • Malls, Theaters and Restaurants.

Barbers in the Orange and Green zone are allowed to open their shops, only if they have standalone shops. Safety protocol i.e, Social distance should be maintained. However. in red zones, barbers have to continue to shut their shops.

E-Commerce sites are also allowed to sell non-essential commodities in orange zones and Red Zones. However, they can only deliver/sell essential commodities in the red Zones.


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