WC Match no. 31 BANvsAFG: Analysis and Report.

Well if we compare both the teams talent-wise then they are almost equal.
But if we compare the skill, execution, and experience-wise then BAN is way ahead.

BAN has been very good and very competitive thus far in this tournament especially with the bat.

They have a good mixture of youth and experience in the form of Tamim, Shakib, Rahim, Mahamadulla, Das, Sarker and some others. Shakib has been absolutely brilliant throughout the tournament. Tamim and Rahim too showed some positive signs in their last game.

Bowling, however, is average as I have been saying throughout this tournament.

They lack genuine fast bowling pair. They overly bank on Fizz and Shakib to do the job. In last game as well, it was a part-timer Sarkar, who took wickets and he is more of a batsman than a bowler. 

So they need to find some alternatives in this department.
While coming to AFG, as i said before they are talented, no doubt about that but still very new at the world stage. They lack experience and execution.

Take for example the case of Rashid khan he is a world-class leggie but if there is no assistance in the pitch he becomes nothing but ordinary bowler. Just because, they lack the experience to deal with the pressure and the situations they become easy targets for the teams. They played well against IND only for the slowness of the pitch.

So to cut short, I believe it going to be 60:40 affair.
60 in favor of BAN and 40 in favour of AFG.

Even with some limitations in the bowling department, BAN would prevail over AFG.

Shakib Rahim and Mahamadulla key in batting department. 
Fizz, and Shakib in the bowling department. 

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