World Cup INDvsBAN: Match 40 Analysis


Well if I compare both the teams I just feel BAN has solid batting line up as compared to IND at least on paper. The ouster of Dhawan from the WC due to thumb fracture has been a very big jolt to them.

Usually, it is “the top three” of IND that wins them games. The mere presence of Dhawan makes that top 3 look dangerous and threatening but now due to his absence, top 3 is more sort of top 2 that too under pressure. Middle-order is brittle and has been exposed game after game by oppositions and that puts extra burden and pressure on top two, Kohli and Rohit.

BAN would be raring to go out there and get them early to put IND on the back foot straightaway.

But then there is a catch! BAN may have a solid batting line up but bowling, on the other hand, is pretty ordinary and average.
I have been saying this throughout the tournament that they overly bank on Shakib and Fizz to do the job.

On the other hand, IND has a well-balanced bowling line up however I would like to see Bhuvi back in the team for he has more control over his bowling as compared to Shami who takes wickets but goes for too 
Many especially toward the back end of the innings.

So to cut short I believe it is going to be 60:40 affair.
60 in favor of IND and 40 in favor of BAN.

Yes even with some limitations IND would prevail over BAN.
Top two key in the batting department.
Double B and kul-Cha in the bowling department.
Wc Match No. 40

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