World Cup INDvsWI, Match 34 Analysis.


WI played some good cricket at the start of the WC but as the tournament progressed old shades come to fore and now they find themselves out of the semifinal race. 

When you are out of the big tournament it gets very tricky, you are clouded by two types of thoughts or rather feelings. One, the feeling of “disappointment and discontent” as you feel like, being dragged out there to play remaining games. 

Two, “nothing to lose” sort of feeling, this is when things can go in your favour as you feel no pressure at all. 

So even, if WI is out of the race, IND should be wary of that latter feeling.

Let’s go to teams now, 
IND is missing Dhawan big time. He has been an integral part of the top three and his record in ICC events is phenomenal. Rahul, on the other hand, is equally gifted lad but not as consistent as Dhawan.

Then the middle order of India still remains a headache to them. They were completely exposed by AFG the other day. 

Bowling looks well balanced.
So, all in all, it is the batting that needs to fire, not only top 3 but middle and lower-middle order as well. 

If Bhuvi is fit, he should be back in the team. 
Yes, many would call this, very harsh decision but I feel Bhuvi right now has more control over his bowling than Shami.

Coming to WI, well as I have been saying throughout this tournament, they have some ruthless batters and bowlers in their ranks, it is just that they haven’t played to the best of their abilities thus far. 

They can take this came as the beginning of their rebuilding phase.
So to cut short. 

I believe it is going to be 55:45 affair. 
55 in favor of IND and 45 in favour of WI. 
Yes IND would prevail over WI in an even contest today. 
Top 3 key in batting department. 

Bumrah, Shami, and KUL-CHA in the bowling department. 

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